Al Fateh Industrial Suppliers is a client centric company that strives to ensure that the clients requirements are met satisfactorily. With a team of well experienced members at the key positions in the company, we are able to understand the transient nature of the client requirements and keep up with the changing market atmosphere in order to provide viable solutions that assures client satisfaction. We consider quality aspects to be one of the primary factors that has felicitate the growth and profitable sustenance of the company as a whole. We employ a stance of continuous analysis and improvement, which accurately defines our ability to react to the market requirements in a positive manner. The company has a long standing reputation for commitment to quality and reliability with even the most frivolous equipment we deal in. We ensure that all the products we deal in comes from trusted manufacturers and that each product is tested for compliance and quality measures set by authoritative bodies. We also carry out timely tests and quality checks to ensure that he product does indeed adhere to the claimed quality measures. Operating in a niche market, we measure the effectiveness of our business venture by assessing our procedures and policies in a timely fashion. We update and refurbish existing policies in order to keep up with the ever-changing client requirements, and to ensure that our transparent model of management is retained. All our staff are sufficiently trained in order to improve their technical capabilities. We also entrust our technicians and staff a credible degree of responsibility, which gives them a certain purpose and allows them to take accountability of their actions and decisions.


Al Fateh Industrial Suppliers deals in an extensive range of service and products aimed at providing viable solutions to a myriad of industries such as Industrial, Petrochemical, Chemical, Sanitary and Building sector, Water and Sewerage, Marine and the Oil & Gas sectors. With an able staff of experienced and trained personnel, we are well equipped to clearly identify the changing client requirements and provide appropriate solutions. Our technicians are trained to handle multiple equipment and assess the capabilities of each equipment in order to allow our clients to make educated decisions. Ultimately, we offer customized solutions that efficiently address the client requirements. As a company that values client contentment over everything else, we make it a point to provide a wholesome satisfactory experience to our clients by strictly adhering to delivery deadlines and other logistic factors.

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